Introducing the Internet of Water

1) Sustainability Problem: Fresh water is an increasingly valuable resource. Despite utilities having extensive information about how water is sourced, purified and priced, there is no national database.

Category: Water

2) Technology:  Internet of Water

  • Water data would be shared and integrated in a standardized digital platform
  • Private citizens would be able to gauge the quality of local water
  • Public officials would be able to warn citizens of water-borne public health hazards
  • Disaster relief efforts would be able to locate the lowest-cost, fresh, drinking water after a natural disaster like a drought or a flood

3) Organizational Stakeholders:

  • Citizens
  • Government
  • Scientists
  • Utilities

4) Deployment:

  • Collect water utility data
  • Standardize data
  • Integrate data onto a common digital platform
  • Roll-out database for citizens, utilities, scientists and public officials to use


Coldewey, Devin. Researchers propose an open ‘internet of water’ tracking use, quality and costs. TechCrunch. October 13, 2017. Web. Accessed November 25, 2017.


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