Route Optimization Software for Waste Management

1) Sustainability Problem:

In 2014, in the United States, about 258 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste were generated. ( In addition to the environmental impact of the waste itself, the waste has to be hauled and carted to landfills or recycling facilities. This is performed by heavy-duty trucks which produce significant pollution per mile.
Category: Energy/Water & Waste Management

2) Technology Summary:

Route optimization software can ensure that fleet operators are driving the minimum necessary distance to efficiently pickup and deliver waste to the appropriate intermediate facility.
From the article:

Joe Burkel, vice president of digital operations and process improvement at Republic Services, estimates that a one percent reduction in total fleet miles traveled can save more than 631,000 gallons of fuel. The carbon emissions savings from that would be equivalent to removing 1,400 cars from the roads, he says.

Article: How Some Hauler Routines Have Been Transformed by Technology
Website: Waste360
Tags: #waste #route optimization

3) Organizational stakeholders

  1. City councils
  2. Procurement officials in each municipality
  3. Waste management officials
  4. Software vendors

4) Steps in deploying this technology

  1. Establish SOW’s and service contracts with route optimization software vendors
  2. Establish data integration & data governance protocols for incoming data streams into municipal data warehouse
  3. Work with drivers unions to get buy-in on relying on new technology for their operations
  4. Measure and evaluate software effectiveness in mileage reduced and iterate on route tweaks

Related Resources:

Note: This software is extensible into all fleet operations, including school buses and all other service operations.

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