Smart Fishing Technology

crab boat2

Blue Ocean Gear, a participant of the Ocean and Clean Technology Program in Nova Scotia was selected as a round one winner for the Blue Solutions Startup Challenge. The company focuses on making smart commercial fishing gear that minimizes wild life entanglements and energy savings for boat operators by providing them with real time data on catches and equipment. This benefits all the stakeholders involved such as the operators, fisheries, environmentalist, consumers and governing agencies. The technology is fairly simple and off the shelf, and has already been deployed in the industry. It works by having the gear trap cages send a signal up to the buoys that they’re full and then a signal is sent to the operators via an app. This allows for the operator to save on fuel cost by not having to blindly travel to pick up possibly empty cages. The gear also notifies operators of possible marine life entanglements so that could alert the proper rescue agencies to save the wildlife. Another feature is that the gear provides retrieval information data for lost gear which saves on lost gear costs.

By Octavio Franco


Reply to Pablo Mandiola’s “Elevated Bike Path to Fight Congestion”

This is an interesting concept that has been adopted in the past for buses and light rail congestion in some cities. I’m not certain what the data suggested concerning its success or failure, but it seems like a good solution.




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