Solar Ivy-The new future of Sustainable Design

The problem:Integrating solar panels in building facades can pose as a challenge given the shape,orietaton and angle at which solar panels have to be placed.

The solution and technology :Solar Ivy ,a  system of thin, fluttering solar panels in shape of a leaves  that generate energy by sparkling in the sunlight. These panels can be easily integrated to the side of a building.The Solar Ivy consists of a thin film like material on top of a polyethylene with a piezoelectric generator attached to each leaf. When the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, energy is being generated via Solar Ivy.

Stakeholders:1.Makers of Solar Ivy.


3.Building Homeowners


1.Developthe best possible shape of the solar leaf to maximise the capacity to absorb sunlight.

2.Work with architects and engineers to increase aesthetic appeal and energy generating capacity.

3.Make these solar leaves cheaper to buy and easy to install.

4.Train building owners or  building facilities managers on maintaining the Solar Ivy efficiently.


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Comment on another post :

This is something that would definitely work given the amount of coffee consumed int he world.However, collecting these coffee grounds will be a challenge given people are careless about how they throw their waste.A proper collection system needs to be planned out in order for this to work.Coffee ground bins and some small form of a rebate for coffee shop owners is the way to go!


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