ClearRoad provides cloud-based solutions for a smart roads management

Which problem are we facing?

The transportation sector is the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter in the United States, accounting for a 28% of total US of total U.S. GHG emissions in 2018. Cars, trucks, commercial aircraft, and railroads, among other sources, all contribute to transportation end-use sector emissions.

Goverments need to find effective mechanisms to raise awareness and cut down congestion. One of the best approached to address this issue has proven to be road tolling & pricing, a system that also enables goverments to capture revenue.

Sustainability problems: Energy, Civic Engagement, Safety and Health.

How can we address the problem?

As the road usage pioneer, ClearRoad has developed a version of congestion pricing that is affordable to most cities nd has the potential to reduce emissions up to 20 percent due to reductions in vehicles and less driving overall. This innovative technology is a low-cost version of historically high-cost yet proven programs from around the world. Specifically, ClearRoad leverages data and GPS (already being generated in cars) through machine learning and synchronization protocols. The result is flexible and adaptable road management tools for governments to reduce emissions and congestion, prioritizing community.

Additionally, ClearRoad is deploying a per-mile fee for electric vehicles (EV) as an alternative to current disincentivizing policies. Due to anticipated gas tax revenue shortages, 28 states have instituted surcharges to EV owners on their annual registrations, which can inadvertently suppress EV adoption by 25 percent.

Source: “NYC Has an Old-Timey Plan to Fix Its Traffic Future”, Wired,

Benefited organizational stakeholders: Goverments and Transportation Systems managers.

Next steps to implement smart road tolling & pricing:

  1. Verify in each city that the road programs in place work with ClearRoad’s platform
  2. Start Collecting data from users
  3. Adopt and implement a charging system of tolls or fees

Other sources: ClearRoad website


One thought on “ClearRoad provides cloud-based solutions for a smart roads management

  1. Cities must find new transportation electrification revenue streams to make up for fuel taxes, tolls, and emission charges. Expanding the TransCore EZ Pass contract is a quick fix since this is already utilized by NYC drivers. Rather than replacing EZ Pass, the question is if CleanRoad can be integrated with the existing toll infrastructure system New York City and other cities. Given the London toll implementation, it seems that ride-sharing services should not be exempt from these chargers. It seems like the logical platform play is for a company like ClearRoad to develop comparable features to Uber with location-tracking, surge-pricing, and streamlined mobile billing integrated with existing toll systems.

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