Finding the leak before it leaks!

  1. Problem: Water. We lose a significant amount of clean water due to aging water infrastructure. It is estimated that we lose 6 billion gallons per day in the US. Pipes leak, and the water just comes out the pavement and flows down the road. Leaky water systems threaten the quality and reliability of our water.
  2. Technology – Geospatial AI from Rezatec.
    • Geospatial AI will be used in Illinois communities to reduce water loss for municipal water systems
    • 60 million gallons of treated water is lost every day in Chicago alone due to aging infrastructure. That’s 22 billion gallons per year
    • Using Rezatec’s geospatial AI product, the Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product, the system can predict future pipeline failures, allowing organizations to upgrade it ahead of time. 
    • The product determines the likelihood, consequence, and cost of failure using satellite and data on material, diameter, age of assets with soil types, weather, terrain, and vegetation.
    • Rezatec claims it is 10% more accurate than other risk models available on the market. 
  3. Stakeholders
    • Utility management. They will be the main customers of the AI. The management must decide to adopt the technology.
    • Utility company’s risk team. These people will be the ones using the technology to identify high risk areas and minimize water loss.
    • Pipeline engineers will be deployed earlier and with more scheduling flexibility since the pipe is not currently leaking versus high priority situations with already leaking pipes. 
    • City traffic planners. By knowing which pipes to fix ahead of time, the city can better coordinate road closings and manage increased traffic.
    • Everyone who uses water would benefit from the adoption of this technology with more reliable water source.
  4. Implementation
    • Gather past historical data, minimum of 2 years
    • Visualize the pipeline system on the platform
    • Upload data to the AI system and run analysis. 



One thought on “Finding the leak before it leaks!

  1. Thank you for sharing this article! I think this type of geospatial technology would be beneficial in New York City where our water infrastructure is so fragile and aged. Unfortunately, due to the congested nature (both above and below ground) in New York City, a large-scale overhaul of our water pipe system is not practical or financially feasible. This type of technology would help provide a more targeted approach to water pipe maintenance in the city. Currently, the NYCDEP utilizes a noise test to determine the location of water leaks. The current process does not sound very technologically advanced, and seems to be more of a leak response tool rather than a preventative one like the Rezatec option.


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