New Tech to Monitor and Offset Business Carbon Emissions

  1. While a lot of companies are addressing offsetting efforts with a focus on individual (retail/consumer) efforts, few are focusing on helping small businesses and other larger institutions in their offsetting and sustainability efforts. My last post focused on a company “Tickr” that helped individuals pick and choose investments that abided by their sustainable and environmental inclinations.
    This week I am discussing a new company called Cloverly which is an API-first plug-in focused on providing offsetting efforts for companies and other small businesses. The company demonstrates how much carbon is utilized in the life-cycle of a product sold. With an “activity” focused model, Cloverly calculates emissions from shipping, packaging, transportation, etc. A focus on “everyday” activities gives Cloverly the power to help small businesses understand which parts of their regular day-to-day business has the largest effect on the environment and empowers those businesses to make offsetting decisions based on those calculations.
  3. The main stakeholders for this technology are SMEs (small and medium enterprises). The technology relies on adoption by SMEs to track their carbon emissions and make informed decisions on ways to offset those emissions. Further, the company is making profit from the tool itself, not the actual carbon offsetting purchases the businesses are making.
  4. The company needs to have a really strong sales pitch focusing on both the utility of offsetting projects and the need for companies to monitor their carbon emissions. As the company provides both as a service, it is only necessary for the company to sell to customers who may need 1 or both of these APIs. I think tying offsetting as a solution to carbon emissions is a very powerful tool for this company as it convinces potential clients that Cloverly can both identify a problem and provide a solution for the users of their technology.

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