Smart, Empowering, and Communicative Trash Cans

Megan Krause / uni: mhk2152

Evo Eco Self Sorting Waste Bin


The amount of trash across the world is piling up with nowhere to go. Landfill space is diminishing and with land being a controlled good, there’s only so many more places we can go. In the US, one-third of the material in landfills is compostable and 79% of recyclable material ends up in landfills. One of the biggest barriers to having waste minimized and be disposed of correctly is waste sorting education and available resources.


  • Environmental education around waste management is necessary to achieve meaningful change in this space. In the Innovative Waste Technology Space, EvoEco is hoping to do just that with their Evobin technology.
  • The Evobin tells a user which items should be composted, recycled, or thrown away in landfill that is at a given organization. As objects are tossed, the scale in the bin can detect the change in weight and trigger a customizable message to appear on the screen.
  • Across the US, Evobins have helped to divert an average of 77 percent of waste from landfill into compost and recycling. The bins also provide a way to educate consumers while effectively removing waste from landfill.


The stakeholders needed to move this forward would be leadership at private organizations to purchase the bins, the office management / procurement team to provide the proper information about the materials in the office, and the facilities team to install and manage the Evobins.

Next Steps:

  1. Scoping of the specific space and proper areas for placement of the technology
  2. Identification of the materials that would be processed in the bins
  3. Procurement of the proper number of bins based on the estimates created.



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