Concentrated Solar Power Technology

Jasmine Kurniawan | jk4493


One of the main issues associated with the energy sector is the non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and fossil fuels that have been depleting over the years based on the higher rates of consumption, as well as their role in facilitating pollution and climate change. As such, there is the need to incorporate renewable sources of energy like solar, which necessitate the incorporation of emerging technologies that can be integrated into the digital world.

Solution: Concentrated Solar Power Technology


The article “The role of concentrated solar power in the internet of energy” addresses how the Concentrated Solar Power technology can assist in solving the climate change issues associated with energy through its integration into the global internet of the energy network.

  • This technology has been introduced within the framework of the Internet of Energy to ensure interconnectedness between energy producers and energy consumers in ways that safeguard the ecosystem.
  • The technology utilizes mirrors to concentrate the rays of the sun, which in turn are used to generate heat that is used to produce electricity.
  • The technology fits into the Internet of Energy system through its ability to supply power during peak hours, voltage support, frequency response, and overall quality supply of power throughout the connected energy producers and consumers.


The organizational stakeholders will include the energy producers within the Internet of Energy who seek to curtail the use of renewable sources of energy as well as increase supply to more households. Government and international institutions will incorporate roles and resources to distribute power from renewable sources in regions like Europe.


The first three steps include:

1. Seeking donations through various initiatives for the purchase of the technologies associated with CSP

2. Policy changes that encourage power distribution using renewable sources

3. Collaboration with energy companies for distribution


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