Ok ladies, now let’s get in “Terraformation”

  1. A remote corner of the Big island of Hawaii used to be barren. Originally, it was a sandalwood forest but after trees were cut down and cattle roamed free, it essentially became a desert. The sustainability problem here has to do with energy, water and land-use changes. The reforestation solution that would be implemented would make it a rich forest storing more than 200 gigatons of carbon.
  2. Name of Technology: Terraformation, Article source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90593687/reddits-former-ceo-is-now-in-the-forest-planting-business
    • Reddit’s previous CEO Yishan Wong, is now the CEO of a Hawaii-based reforestation startup initiative called Terraformation. With his technology mindset to scale and solve issues, he is now trying to overcome scaling milestones in order to achieve the incentive of reforesting the barren land on a 45 acre plot.
    • The startup built the world’s first off-grid solar-powered desalination system to desalinate about 34,000 gallons of water a day taken from a well on site. Then a drip irrigation system sends waters placed and sources the trees and shrubs promoting the forest to grow. The company wants to use this solution and replicate it all across the world.
    • Wong says he wants to source this technology to as many people as possible. He wants the technology and techniques to be spread out in order to achieve the magnitude increase of acres reforested per year.
    • The objective is to scale the solution so that there is enough time for the forest to mature and become a carbon sink of reasonable size to meet every nation’s solution to be net zero by 2040 or 2050.
  3. Organizational stakeholders that will need to use this technology:
    • Yishan Wong is the founder and CEO, he is also an engineer and climate activist specializing in technology impact. The ability for this technology to be successful will affect his reputation and his company’s reputation to see this through to become a global solution.
    • The people that will be implementing this technology and need to be involved are: various team technology experts, foresters, land use specialists, carbon scientists, supply chain specialists, soil scientists, seedling restoration technicians, project managers, engineers, and of course a marketing specialist.
    • Partnerships with the seed banks and infrastructure specialists for greenhouses to grow the plants
    • GIS specialists need to be consulted in order to understand location, track growth.
    • The federal government- US Forest service, Bureau of Land Management, and public owners of this forest land across the globe who are the focus groups for this technology, and the indigenous tribes that are affected by this technology will also have to be considered.
  4. First three steps:
    • First, a plot of land will be identified and a site assessment will have to be conducted in order to figure out if it is viable for this terraformation solution.
    • Next, seed collection, planting, and monitoring techniques will need to be implemented and tools like solar desalination and geolocation technology will need to be used to help the forest thrive.
    • Last, the development team will collect this data to understand how to tackle bigger areas of land, or adapt to larger areas that require this solution.
    • More sources: https://www.terraformation.com/blog

2 thoughts on “Ok ladies, now let’s get in “Terraformation”

  1. Thank you for introducing very interesting idea.
    They irrigate by the desalinate freshwater, so the young native tree surve even in a regin that has been considered as a inhospitable region over the paste 200 years.
    Beside their partnership with Hawaii Island Seed Bank, they actively make parnership with private landowners to establish reforestation on their property.


  2. Hi Tanusha! Thank you for posting this article–it was fascinating. I have been intrigued by desalinization for a while. So many things stood out in this article, but I rarely see desertification and desalization in a solution. The article also was a nice reminder that there are 4.7 billion acres of land globally affected by drought or desertification. So this technology, using solar to power a desalinization system and derive water to irrgigate seedlings, could cover a lot of territory. Thanks again for sharing this find!


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