Recycled Coffee Oil (Kaffe Bueno)

Tags: #np2774

  1. Problem: Waste (as a resource)
  2. Article Takeaways:
  • Kaffe Bueno is a Copenhagen-based company specializing in the recycling and combining of used coffee grounds with biotechnology.
  • When used for brewing coffee, under 1% of beneficial compounds found in coffee beans, including polyphenols, cellulose, hemicellulose, lipids, tocopherols, are extracted – leaving 99% disposed.
  • They plan on extracting the antioxidant-rich coffee arabica seed oil to be used as an active ingredient in cosmetics.
  • Article Source: Kaffe Bueno Brews Up Skin Care Benefits with Recycled Coffee Oil (

3. Organizational Stakeholders:

  • Hotel chains
  • Personal care, nutraceuticals, and food/beverage companies
  • Partner collectors
  • Coffee suppliers

4. Deployment:

  • Enlist company to perform in-vitro tests to determine the efficacy of Recycled Coffee Oil. (Tests determined a variety of benefits, including anti-aging, anti-cellulite, sun care, moisturizing, wound healing and skin whitening.)
  • Determine which Danish hotel chains or other office/commercial partners to collaborate with to take the spent coffee grounds from guests and upcycle them back in personal care products in the hotels/offices.
  • Scale-up production to meet current demand from food makers in the Nordics and Western Europe.

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