CLO 3D Design Platform

  1. Sustainable Problem: Apparel Waste
  1. Technology: CLO 3D Design Platform

  • CLO offers 3D design software for apparel designers and brands. It offers an end-to-end solution. The technology allows the users to create unlimited graphic design samples and print layouts. By digitizing the fashion design process, companies can eliminate unnecessary physical sampling. With computer programming, the platform allows the user to do multiple iterations in a matter of minutes
  • Virtual Fashion was launched with a vision to change the world by connecting and converging real and virtual garments. The company envisions a world where every real piece of clothing is tagged to its own digital version and vice versa.
  • With 70 3D designers on staff with experience in fashion design, tech design, and patternmaking, the platform allows the company to emulate the design and patternmaking process.Customers can work in real-time with their supply chain.   
  • The company is also working on a virtual fitting application where the end consumer will be able to create their avatars and wear, style and play with garments online without going into physical fitting rooms.


  • Designers
  • Brands
  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Retailers


  • Extend trial offers to brands and designers.
  • Marketing to brands and designers.
  • Educate brands on the Cost savings of using such a platform.
  • Test software with brands.
  • Create interest with retailers for the virtual fitting application. 

One thought on “CLO 3D Design Platform

  1. This is a really great concept and useful for other design-based companies such as furniture, décor, architecture. VR/AR is such as new and exciting function in the manufacturing space. There is a whole gambit of solutions that makes use of this technology all while benefitting the environment. There will always be the purists who prefer the analog, the tactile of touching and feeling the material as opposed to the digital. It will be interesting to watch this technology develop and how the industry reacts.


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