Nexii + Popeyes & Sustainable Restaurants

Done by Jeremy Solomon, uni: js5636

  1. The construction industry accounts for a substantial amount of emissions, however there are more streamlined ways to build infrastructure. The energy that is used to manufacture and transport materials to and from the site represent a lot of the emissions. Energy and waste would be the two areas of sustainability impacted by this technology.


  • The article highlights Popeye’s rapid expansion in the British Columbia market, but specifically discusses their most newly constructed restaurant by Nexii. This restaurant was constructed in less than two weeks.
  • Nexii uses 3D printing software to manufacture the parts needed for the construction off-site, and assembles everything (kind of like a jigsaw puzzle) on site. This reduces emissions during the manufacturing (types of materials chosen), transportation, and construction phases. It also expedites timelines between 50% and 75%.
  • Popeyes leadership says that this type of construction can eliminate up to 30% of climate-related emissions resulting from their new-construction endeavors.

Article Title: Nexii partners with Popeyes® to deliver sustainable new restaurant

Website Name: Intrado

Website Link:

3. Stakeholders include:

  • City Residents
  • Developers/retail companies
  • Anyone impacted by the effects of climate change

4. The first step in deploying this technology is to engage with the companies that are performing these types of services and understanding which one meets your needs the best. I do not believe Nexii is the only company building structures in this way.

The second step is understanding all pertinent details and presenting them to the necessary parties in a clear, concise, and informative way to get the necessary approvals to move forward.

The final step would be choosing the building materials that both meet your needs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint effectively.


4 thoughts on “Nexii + Popeyes & Sustainable Restaurants

  1. This was super cool to read about! Who would’ve thought Popeyes would be a pioneer in the in sustainable construction. It was particularly interesting to read about the use of software to more efficiently and effectively create the pieces needed for the building. They also mentioned that Nexii creates these parts offsite which reduces on-site waste which I thought was an innovative way to do so.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy – will be interested to see how this scales as we see more growth in construction. It looks as if this process “enables Nexii to eliminate almost all onsite construction waste.” I wonder what the waste/emissions profile at the manufacturing plants are. It is, however, exciting that this process will reduce Popeye’s operational carbon emissions by 30% – due to the material used and the resulting building envelope once assembled.

    Emily Tregidgo – emt2179


  3. Ah this seems to be a hybrid of two sustainable construction methods (including the one I wrote about, 3D-printing)! Modular construction is being used in real estate sectors such as multifamily housing and hotels already, where one is able to prefab entire units/room pods on the factory floor rather than build up on site – reducing on-site construction waste and labor required. This combined with 3D-printing/computer cutting can be really helpful for multiple structures that are built along the same specs, such as franchised restaurants and chain economy hotels – though using this method any architectural tweaks could theoretically be made faster through the computer-based part design/fabrication. This makes a lot of sense for a chain like Popeye’s.


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