Track of your product’s lifecycle -TeknTrash

Jessica Yu | Uni: Jy3076

Sustainability Problem:

There are 8 Million m2 tons of plastics dumped in the ocean and 11% of all methane in the atmosphere comes from trash. Historically, product manufacturers depend on sales data to track consumer patterns. Therefore, there is a direct connection between sales and consumption however, there is a lack of customer knowledge or data.

The Technology:

  • TeknTrash  created something called the POD – Point of Disposal (Stipra technology), it is a device which captures consumption data of customer. Stipra is a service that awards people for proper recycling.
  • TeknTrash technology allows for instant recognition of disposed products and its geolocation, thus allowing companies to match their sales to their effective consumption. It is based on pictures of products taken by users when they are disposing their household products to obtain rewards.
  • In a result, this effectively changes the recycling model in the modern day. We no longer have to base it on the sales of product such as paper, plastic, glass, but can depend on the data based on sales of useful consumer data.
  • This would allow effective and sustainable incentivize solution to the consumers to dispose properly.
This is a device which captures consumption data.


  • Consumer Product Goods companies
  • Marketing Agencies (for data consumptions)
  • Local city municipals (to encourage recycling)
  • Waste Management


  • Companies would have to register at the Stipra and create campaigns of the product they want Stipra to track, define a geographic area, what rewards to be given
  • Consumers would have to also utilize this mobile APP to capture videos and photos of their household items when they dispose it
  • AI system finds product and looks at Stipra to search matches, awards points to consumers.
  • Captures and collects metadata such as location, age and gender of the person. This way, companies can use the data to improve their products.

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