Violence Reduction Dashboard

  1. Problem          

Safety. There is an increase in crime and gun violence in certain areas, such as Chicago. The data currently being provided to the public comes in the form of incidents and district that did not prove useful for violence reduction groups and often lag. 

2. The tech

  • Chicago, with the help of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, is developing a violence reduction dashboard offering the residents and community organization close to real-time access to crime data
  • Violence reduction partners will be better able to coordinate with each other, the police department, and other city departments for safety initiatives
  • The dashboard focuses on data framed by victimization counts and community areas rather than traditional data on incidents, districts, and beats that were more useful for law-enforcement
    • Violent crimes (homicides, shootings, assault, domestic violence, etc.)
    • Victim demographics based on age, race, and sex-gender
    • Visualization and explanation of the safety gap (difference in rate of shootings and homicides in community areas with highest and lowest levels
    • Incident maps
    • Time of day and day of week
  • Will update data daily, with about 48 hour delay. 

3. Stakeholders

  • Police department
  • Residents can more easily check and understand nearby crime
  • Violence reduction groups and initiatives can better formulate their idea and goal
  • Any gathering and event can better prepare for safety precautions

4. Steps

  • Develop an easy-to-use dashboard using existing data from the police department
  • Form a team whose job is to continuously update and monitor the dashboard
  • Carefully plan how to engage the community to use the platform


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