Wash Your Hair and Use Less Water While You’re at It!

Sustainability Issue: Water

Across the globe, water is lost during showers or salon visits. Specifically, a standard showerhead produces eight liters of water a minute. The Water Saver aims to manage water and reduce the use of the vital resource. The product anticipates reducing water usage by a billion gallons annually.

Technology: L’Oreal Water Saver

Article: https://www.loreal.com/en/articles/science-and-technology/loreal-water-saver-the-new-sustainable-haircare-system/

-L’Oreal partnered with Gjosa, a Swiss environmental innovation company, to design and produce a showerhead, the Water Saver, that will reduce water consumption by 6 liters a minute compared to a standard showerhead

-The product aims to cut water usage by 80% overall by applying micronization technology to a showerhead cartridge that holds haircare products

-The Water Saver’s patented cloud cleansing approach includes dividing water flow into ten times smaller droplets to accelerate the rinsing timeline

-The Water Saver system also contains a data dashboard to alert salon professionals about their water and energy consumption usage

-The Water Saver is already accessible in specific salons throughout New York City and Paris; the global rollout, reaching 10,000 salons, is expected to continue into 2023


-Global Salons (currently select salons in NYC and Paris)

-Salon Managers and Coordinators

-Hair Colorists and Hairstylists

-Retail Consumers (in the future)


  1. Access and assess data on global salons and deduce a target area for deployment
  2. Engage highly-trafficked salons for interest in a free 3-month trial period to use the Water Saver in the salons
  3. After the 3 month trial period, evaluate the successes, issues, and lessons learned from the trials and apply to larger scale roll-out

4 thoughts on “Wash Your Hair and Use Less Water While You’re at It!

  1. Very cool to see! I like the statistic that these heads would use 2 litres as opposed to the 8 litres per minute that the standard showerhead uses, that is quite a substantial reduction. The water droplets are 10 times smaller than a typical shower head too. I am very curious if these will continue to be rolled out in salons or if there is more of a consumer version on the way. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you for sharing! Similar to the above comment, my thoughts when reading the article were how can this be rolled out to the average consumer since it seems to require specialized training and understanding of the product. It seems as though they are working on the consumer version. Also, with the water and product application device shared, it will be interesting to hear salon professionals’ testimonies on end quality.


  3. #sp3637
    Interesting concept, and thanks for sharing. I am curious to read the water consumption monitoring reports to see if this showerhead is as effective in washing the products off your hair, or they will just have to use it longer to get the appropriate amount of water to remove the products.


  4. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a very strategic move for Loreal to develop this type of specialized technology that diffuses their specific products directly with the water stream in order to use less water overall during shampoos. I wonder if other companies will look into this type of technology, for example Dawn dish detergent infused dish washing technology for the restaurant/hospitality industry. It seems like a good way for companies to ensure that their product will be purchased while also showing their dedication to sustainability.


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