WaterSense Labeled Controllers

Jasmine Kurniawan | jk4493


Increased consumption and inadequate management of water have in recent years been associated with the rapid drying up of water sources. Rapid urbanization means an increase in water consumption from normal household use to others like landscape irrigation that accounts for over 8 million gallons daily (EPA). Irrigation systems can lead to water wastage if they are not properly managed, which not only increases the cost of consumption for households and institutions but increases the risk of water shortage.


Link: WaterSense Labeled Controllers

  • A report by the Environmental Protection Agency identifies the WaterSense Labeled Controllers as effective in managing water usage based on their ability to utilize or assess the local weather and landscape conditions in ways that lead to smart watering.
  • Rather than watering after a set timeline, the technology can identify the level of moisture and the possibility of increased precipitation, which means it limits the watering only when necessary.
  • This technology replaces the clock-based controllers that have been linked to increased water wastage.
  • With WaterSense Labeled Controllers, each household can save 15,000 gallons of water annually, which limits consumption and hence, safeguards the ecosystem.


The organizational stakeholders will include the engineering firms that distribute irrigation equipment to households. The manufacturing production team within these firms will need to incorporate the technology into the final product.


  1. Licensing and approval by the relevant government agencies.
  2. Labeling for every landscape irrigation product as well as campaigns towards consumer awareness
  3. Collaboration with retailers for distribution.


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