Creating More Marine Energy

Jon Harper – jbh2175

Orbital Marine Power’s 2MW turbine, the Orbital O2

Sustainability Issue: Energy

            The world is running out of fossil fuel resources, and the mining, transportation, and burning of them results in the release of many harmful GHGs which contribute to global warming.  The energy needs of the world only continue to increase, however, as our population continues to grow exponentially and the developing world increases its demand for energy.  We must develop sources for sustainable, clean, nonpolluting energy.

Technology: Marine Energy (Tidal and Wave)

Concentrating on these coastal areas, we find that producing energy here would be beneficial for many reasons.  About 40% of the world population lives within 100km of the coast.  This means that power generated from marine energy would be created close to the demand, further increasing efficiency.  Also, land which is often at a premium for other uses would not need to be set aside for power generation by wind or solar.


-Energy Companies

-Nations, both developing and developed, who are working on their power generation

-Energy consumers


  1. More research and development is needed to develop larger and more efficient generators.
  2. More investment is needed to produce this technology, and implement it.
  3. Installation of these technologies can be clustered and linked to reduce the need for additional transmission infrastructure.


3 thoughts on “Creating More Marine Energy

  1. Thank you for the post. The idea of ocean energy has been prevalanet since a long time ago, and it lost significant momentum in the 2008 global financial crisis. It still seems that the technology have a difficulty to overcome barrier to reach commerial scale. However, it is very promising technology considering waves are in constant flux.


  2. Thanks Jon, I’m also really fascinated by using the ocean’s energy and wish there was more money poured into this for research and development as there seem to be a few roadblocks that need to be overcome for this to scale. Perhaps we could pitch the idea of a marine energy research and development center to Larry Ellison, who bought the entire Hawaiian island of Lenai and wants to turn it into an “eco-topia.” Source:


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