Airbnb Launches City Portal: A First-of-its-Kind Resource for Governments

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Article Summary:

Airbnb teamed up with governments and tourism organizations to add the City portal for locally-specific data. The dashboard includes local and global insights into the short-term rental market characteristics, which helps governments and tourism organizations to take advantage of the information. information is currently available for certain big cities.

  1. local information(restaurants, entertainment, etc.) is available to travelers in one location
  2. Tourism organizations can see where the guests are coming from and adjust their marketing accordingly
  3. Governments can develop fair short-term rental policies and regulations and allocate appropriate taxes
  4. Central location for resources such as neighborhood support hotline and where law enforcement supports may be needed
  5. Policing the policies is easier if officials have questions or receive complaints as the information is all in one place


  1. Local governments
  2. Tourism organizations
  3. Travelers
  4. Local businesses and communities


Since this portal has already been established for larger cities and hot vacation spots, an initiative to expand to smaller towns and communities will benefit the local communities.

  1. Establish a group within Airbnb, or government funded team, to research and prepare a list of isolated vacation locations that could be added to the existing hot vacation spots.
  2. Reach out to local businesses and potential available rental properties to expand the database
  3. Market these isolated new locations with a campaign slogan “Spread-out America” to ease back into normality post COVID19 pandemic.

One thought on “Airbnb Launches City Portal: A First-of-its-Kind Resource for Governments

  1. This is a very interesting approach Airbnb is taking. I also found that this City Portal could provide direct access to Airbnb team member to support any issues arises locally. This is not only very customizable but also helps diversify the market based on location.


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