Sidewalk Labs Launches Pebble Parking App

Jamie Schwartz – UNI: js5849

Sidewalk Labs Pebble dashboard
  1. Sustainability Problem: Energy
    • Cars burn fuel while searching for parking spaces, an inefficient use of fuel and time

2. Article Summary:

  • Sidewalk Labs has created a vehicle sensor that will provide real time parking and curb availability
  • The data is generic and does not impinge on privacy issues, something that Sidewalk Labs has recently struggled with in relation to their $1bn deal in Toronto that folded
  • The project is in pilot stage, as a roll out in a city the size of New York could raise many complications as it scales
  • Through data collection, the app may be able to reduce traffic congestion by up to 30%, which would help reduce car usage and the resulting pollution

3. Stakeholders: Sidewalk Labs/Alphabet, municipalities, businesses that require parking lots, people who drive cars, people who want clean air in their envivonment

4. Implementation:

  • Continue with Pilot program, compile initial data, and show progress
  • Based on data collection, identify pain points for increased scale
  • Make necessary adjustments for larger scale implementation


One thought on “Sidewalk Labs Launches Pebble Parking App

  1. #dg3199

    Really cool idea. I agree about the difficulties of implementation in a larger city like NYC. It seems to me like parking apps have existed for a while, but none have really taken off in major cities (SpotHero, Pango, ParkMe). I wonder why that’s the case and how Pebble could position itself as distinct to those other companies.


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