The French start plans to develop a 19 seat Electric Regional Aircraft

  1. Sustainability problem:
    • Energy sector
    • The problem is that aircrafts contribute to the ecological footprint of our world and reducing that with electrification and improved mobility is an important game-changer to the way we travel.
    • This particular issue is similar to the one Annie shared in class from Lilium regarding electric taxis in Florida, however this is a French-based company that’s trying to develop a 19 seat electrically powered regional and eco-efficient aircraft in Europe.
  2. AKKA is a leading European engineering consultant and leader in R&D services. Source: Name of technology: ERA (Electric regional aircraft) a 19 seat regional airliner
    • In a two year collaboration with Toulouse-based manufacturer AURA AERO, AKKA is supporting the development of two new electric aircrafts, one of which is being discussed in this post: ERA.
    • AKKA is going to mobilize 40 engineers from their group to its Toulouse based Engineering and Aviation centers to provide research and development support to AURA AERO.
    • The president and co-founder of AURO AERO announced in this same article the people-centric importance of achieving this technology goal which would further contribute to the future of aviation.
  3. Organizational stakeholders that will have to use this technology:
    • AKKA will be supporting AURO AERO by contributing to the build of ERA; this includes the 40 engineers deployed to work on this project.
    • Jeremy Caussade, president and co founder of AURO AERO and Stephanie Latieule who is the SVP of Aerospace at AKKA France, will need to continuously strengthen and support each other in their partnership via management decisions in order to see this project through.
    • The success of this project will also affect worldwide industrial players across different sectors.
  4. First three steps in deploying this technology:
    • The right funding and support is already in place so first, the engineers will need to build this technology over the two year partnership.
    • Second the aircraft will have to go through the necessary assessments and approvals to prevent any inadvertent failures and be ready for initiation.
    • Third will be making sure the right infrastructure is in place to test flight to and from one region to another.


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