Using aquaculture waste for bone repair

  1. Area of Sustainability: Waste

    The aquaculture industry in Singapore, while trying to meet the demand to produce safe and quality seafood, enables an annual consumption of 100 million kilograms of frog flesh and fish. More than 20 million tonnes of frog skins and fish scales are discarded every year.
  2. Technology solution: A biomaterial made from discarded bullfrog skin and fish scales
  • Scientists and researchers at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed a new biomaterial with discarded fishery by-products that could help in bone repair
  • The material contains the same compounds that are in bones and helps bone-forming cells to multiply – creating new bone cells. This material acts as a scaffold and has many beneficial uses regarding bone tissue regeneration.
  • Using aquaculture waste and turning it into a valuable resource can help close the waste loop in the future.
  • For more in-depth information about this technology, please check out the articles below:

3. Organization Stakeholders:

  • Researchers at NTU
  • Practitioners/Specialists at Singapore’s Hospitals
  • Ministry of Health in Singapore

4. Deployment of technology:

  • Procure further funding to continue research and testing
  • Get approval for clinical testing
  • Partner with hospitals in Singapore to deploy technology

uni: rm3851


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