Help the enviroment with small farms

The software that equips family farms with data to unlock institutional markets, creating economies of collaboration.

1. Sustainability Problem: Sustainable Agriculture

Two critical problems: 1) extractive agriculture accelerating climate change and 2) wealth inequities faced by family farmers.

2. The solution

The Farm Fare creates a regional market that supports the economic viability of family farms, specifically those focused on regenerative agriculture practices.

  • They work to build coalitions among regional food hubs, encouraging these micro-distributors to come together to tackle the food system as partners rather than competitors;
  • They link neighboring hubs together with a platform that allows them to share information and resources and work collaboratively; 
  • They provide distribution service from hub to hub and from hub to wholesale customers within a region.

Source: “Farm Fare Wants to Help the Environment with Small Farms” TechOhio,

3. Stakeholders

Local goverments of agricultural areas who are looking to expand its local merchants to ensure that family farmers can receive federal tax credits.

Family farmers to access larger institutional markets, which supports rural livelihoods and incentivizes commodity and conventional growers to evolve their growing practices away from intensive plowing and chemical-based inputs.

Big companies in the food/hospitality industry who are seeking to reduce their enviromental footprint to supply their chains with local quality products.

4. Next steps

  • Farmers to invest in this new software and join this initiative to scale their agricultural capabilities
  • Organizations to plan and coordinate production on a regional scale.
  • Farmers to access larger institutional markets and gain exposure to promote local, sustainable and efficient products and supply chains

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