Rechargeable Cement Batteries

Andrea Strang / als2380


Buildings currently use over a third of all the world’s energy and account for 40% of carbon emissions.


The Rechargeable Cement Battery That Could Power the World, Popular Mechanics:

  1. Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a way for buildings to act as their own battery storage facilities using the cement that they’re made of.
  2. Buildings typically include structural metal rebar within the concrete. Incorporating strategically placed metal plates within the concrete can allow the concrete to conduct electricity and act as a battery.
  3. Concrete batteries can help to store renewable energy during peak production times and feed it back into the grid during peak usage times. Also, buildings could store and discharge enough energy to help stabilize their occupants’ power supply in case of emergencies or other outages.


  • Building Developers (Commercial/Residential/Industrial)
  • Renewable Energy Installers
  • Concrete and Rebar/Metal Manufacturers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Real Estate Management Companies

Next Steps:

  1. Further R&D into the practicality/feasibility of introducing this type of technology into new building construction, including researching building codes and engineering limitations.
  2. Partner with Building Developer and Renewable Energy Installer to implement full-scale renewable/battery-powered building system in a new development.
  3. Monitor system regularly for potential areas of improvement and move to broaden scope of clientele.

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