Blinds Savings with a View

Megan Krause / UNI: mhk2152

Sustainability Problem:
Buildings account for about 40% of all US energy consumption and a similar proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. The technology used to temper the climate in the buildings tends to be reactive and manual  – pulling blinds, turning up heat, blasting the air conditioner.

·      To better balance energy consumption with comfortable buildings, it is necessary to capture information constantly about the climate and weather outside to properly automate the adjustments buildings should constantly undergo to properly react.
·      View is a company that creates windows that automate their tint based on outside conditions. Their energy benefits amount to up to 18% in Annual Energy Savings and up to 23% Peak Cooling Load Reductions as Smart windows can block more than 90% of solar radiation.
·      Their approach allows for flexibility of tint level, location of applied tint, and allows building to not disrupt their view with no blinds.

Organizational Stakeholders:
To implement for new buildings, architects of new office building construction will need to incorporate the windows into their plans and have the building investor align to the windows being an integral component of their design. For implementation of old buildings, building owners will need to align on the windows being a top priority for adjustment.

Initial Implementation Steps:
1.     Ensuring that the windows work in the design of the building
2.     Proper procurement of the technology for the building.
3.     Installation of the data analytics component and installation by construction and building maintenance teams.


2 thoughts on “Blinds Savings with a View

  1. Thank you for the share!

    It’s incredible to think that View has its product in over 75 million square feet of buildings including offices, hospitals, airports, educational facilities, hotels and multi-family residences.

    I wish there was more detail around the “nano-layers of electrochromic coating” as I would assume there has to be some sensor outside of the system that measures the amount of light (and then send signals into the glass). Also, to improve their product, it would be great if View could provide more details as to its manufacturing capabilities as I would assume they cannot customize pieces/sizes of curtain glass (ultimately limiting their market). Said differently, this product would be great for glass skyscrapers however their curtain wall is often custom.


  2. I’m really excited about the future of this smart building technology. Blinds are not something I would’ve thought could be made intelligent, and yet this solution makes a lot of sense. The fact that sensors enable this to be incredibly dynamic maximizes the potential efficiency benefits. As real estate is only expecting to grow, I’m excited for this and other technologies to be implemented to reduce the carbon footprint on a building-by-building basis.


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