Smart Waste Bins

Jasmine Kurniawan | jk4493


Environmental degradation is a result of various causes such as waste. According to Green Choices, while some waste can naturally rot, others generate explosive methane gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. For this reason, it is important to incorporate technologies that assist in waste management for both companies and households.,attract%20vermin%20or%20cause%20litter.


Smart waste bin systems:

  • The article focuses on several types of smart waste bins including the IoT Based Smart Waste Bin, which use sensors to detect the level of the waste in the bin and alerts through methods such as opening up the lid when an individual passes to eliminate the odor.
  • The smart bin will send notifications to the owners of the household to empty when full.
  • Smart bins are effective in preventing the elimination of harmful gases by overstayed waste as well as encourage recyclable practices.  


Organizational stakeholders that would use this technology include the operations department within the organization, the city council waste collection department, as well as the property owners.


  • Purchase of digital gadgets and the integration of Wi-Fi technology that will allow connection between the users and the smart bin system.
  • Strategic placement of the bin in areas adjacent to the organization or building.
  • Allocating a specific team to monitor and perform the necessary procedures after receiving an alert from the system such as disposal or recycling will go a long way towards realizing the positive effects of the technology.


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