The Smart Windows in Movies Are Here

  1. Problem – Energy and Health

During the hot summer days, traditional windows allow in a lot of heat, radiation, and glare, causing the room temperature to increase. The consequent energy use for cooling increases drastically. Minimizing sunlight is not a solution, since it is believed that sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, which is a mood boosting natural chemical. It is increasingly popular for homes and offices to adopt floor to ceiling windows to maximize sunlight, but with it the HVAC energy consumption increases.

2. Technology – View’s Immersive Experience with Smart Windows

  • 825 Third Avenue in NYC is the first building to incorporate smart windows
  • The smart windows increase natural light, improve human health, and reduce energy consumption by blocking heat and glare
  • The windows are also transparent, digital screens with touch displays that enable communications. 
  • It uses AI to automatically adjust in response to the sun, increasing access to natural light and decreasing glare. 

3. Stakeholders

  • Building owners and developers – the installing of smart windows can potentially increase rent and attract quality tenants. 
  • Individuals and corporations renting in the building – experience lower energy consumption and increase in work efficiency through the use of smart windows
  • Construction companies – installing smart windows is a much more complicated process than traditional windows
  • Designers and architects – they can now incorporate this into the blueprint
  • Maintenance crew – smart windows would require more maintenance and cleaning. 

4. Steps

  • Consider the use of View’s smart windows by creating financial models to measure the overall costs and benefits
  • The design/architecture team must incorporate the technology in the design and collaborate with electricians to plan the wiring
  • Begin installation/construction


3 thoughts on “The Smart Windows in Movies Are Here

  1. Super futuristic invention! My mind immediately went to old 90’s movies about the future. This technology is pretty cool given the amount of energy that is wasted in buildings across NYC. I would like to see how smart windows can be implemented on a larger scale in apartment buildings as well. I liked how they shaped this story into a health/wellness perspective; many times that aspect of technology is lost or ignored. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this implemented more widespread in new office buildings and community workspaces.


  2. Agree that this is some futuristic stuff! I found it interesting that these windows can capture LEED points in 7 different categories, I am sure it scores some points for the WELL building standard as well. The article also stated that this tech is being designed into 75 million square feet of buildings; to me it seems like this is taking off quickly. I am curious how cost prohibitive this is for certain buildings, but nevertheless still really promising!


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