Waste, Water, and Wind

1) Sustainability Problem

Waste: Ocean waste is an ever-worsening problem, and since many plastic wastes do not decompose, we need to extract the trash in order to effectively mitigate the solution. This has to happen in parallel with waste reduction efforts in order to holistically address the pollution of our oceans.

2) Technology Solution

This solution can collect 3 tons of waste per hour, and is primarily self sufficient by using wind and solar energy. They believe that “400 vessels could eventually remove 33% of the world’s ocean plastic pollution”. While crew members sort the waste on board and much of it is retained to later discard, certain plastics are also ground down and incinerated to be used as a fuel for the ship – removing waste and powering the vessel for ongoing waste removal.

3) Stakeholders

A number of stakeholders will need to be engaged to drive this project forward:

  1. Engineering and investment stakeholders
  2. Environmental groups
  3. Waste facilities
  4. Coast Guard

4) Implementation

In order to roll out the program to convert urban orange waste into electricity one would need to:

  1. Conduct research to understand the highest concentrations of waste
  2. Work with engineering, investors, etc. to develop a working model of the boat
  3. Coordinate with Coast Guard to arrange tests and operations and ensure they feel the endeavor is safe


  1. https://www.intelligentliving.co/manta-ocean-cleaning-yacht/

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