ECOPact – The Green Concrete


  1. EcoPact is sold at a range of low-carbon levels from 30%-100% less carbon emissions compared to the traditional concrete by using a circular business model by using waste from demolition of other projects
  2. Company integrates fine mixed granulate from construction and demolition material as an additive. Concrete mix is currently available in many European and South American countries
  3. Belfast Valley, a Baltimore-based contractor, is using EcoPact on Georgetown university 12 story residence hall building which is the first major construction project in Washington DC. to use the green products
  4. Products formation seem to not be much different than the traditional concrete except when temperatures fall at or below freezing where concrete sets slower than traditional concrete

Stake Holders

  1. Construction companies
  2. Contractors and developers
  3. Governments who set sustainability goals


  1. EcoPact to ramp up marketing the product at a larger scale
  2. Work with cement plant where the product is being marketed to make sure supply is available


Baltimore contractor pilots low-carbon concrete product


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