Neustark – removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in recycled concrete

Student Jessica Yu | Uni: JY3076

Sustainable Problem:

Cement production attribute to one of the largest GHG emissions globally. Cement production releases 5–6% of all carbon dioxide generated by human activities, accounting for about 4% of global warming. The manufacturing process of cement also causes pollution and can contaminate the water which causes adverse affects to human wellbeing and environmental health concerns.

Sustainable technology:

To address this, there is a push for smart and sustainable construction materials as well as alternative processes for cement manufacturing. Construction companies are looking for efficient manufacturing process and low-carbon sources.


  • Neustark is a swiss startup that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and stores it in recycles concrete. (Stores about 10kg in each cubic meter of recycled concrete aggregate)
  • It uses principles of natural mineralization accelerating it to capture carbon more efficiently. It optimizes concrete usage to minimize cement usage in concreate manufacturing.
  • Neustark carbonation takes place before the granules are mixed with cement. The pH value of the finished concreate is the same as that of conventionally produced concrete.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Real estate Developers
  • Construction companies
  • Government Urban planning department

Implementation steps:

1.) Determine the ecological and economical potential of neustark based on the specific framework condition on the business that is considering using this technology

2.) Validate the key assumptions behind what could potentially be saved through the companies ‘lab scale concreate test’ series

3.) Rent their mobile unit to validate those test at large scale at their location of choice


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