No more circling the block 10 times to find a spot

Problem: Safety and Health

A large contributor to traffic in Rome is caused by those seeking to park. Increase in traffic causes more emissions and pollution as well as delays in public transportation. This also leads to long queue’s at bus stops, lowering the citizen’s journey experience. 

Tech: Image sensors with AI processing technology

  • Rome is adopting image sensors from Sony Europe with AI processing functionality to cut city’s transport related pollution and public transportation efficiency.
  • One of the trials will deliver a smart parking system. Using the Genius smart tip sensors, it can identify free parking spaces and stream the exact location. 
  • The location is then sent to Envision, their cloud software partner, and then displayed on a mobile device used by the driver looking for parking. 
  • The Genius smart tip can also identify the amount of people waiting at a bus stop. This data will be sent to the public bus manager in order to enhance the planning and scheduling of bus network
  • The technology will not store images, in line with privacy requirements


  • Drivers looking for parking
  • Public transportation company managing the network
  • Citizens taking public transportation
  • City traffic department


  • Plan the optimal amount of sensors required and install them
  • Integrate the system with the cloud software partner to ensure the data is accessible to the targeted stakeholders
  • Begin testing the use of the mobile app where drivers can see the free spaces.


2 thoughts on “No more circling the block 10 times to find a spot

  1. #sp3637
    What a great idea. I hope it takes off and make it to Manhattan. I am wondering if there will be any privacy concerns with the sensors as the are monitoring the cars and license plates may be visible through the recording.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Very interesting idea
    The only problem we would need to analyze is how to take the permission as it is directed to the general public, and even if the images are not stored, it can cause some negative reactions


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