5 Step Process

Note: Please list out steps 1,2,3,4. Tag your UNI. Add a picture if available of the technology. Don’t write too much!

1) Identify a sustainability problem. List area of sustainability as a category. Choose from: Energy, Water, Waste, Civic Engagement, Safety and Health.

2) Find and summarize with 3-5 bullet points an article that discusses an interesting technology that might address the problem. In the bullets please mention the name of the technology/brand if available. Include the article title, website name and link. List appropriate tags.

3) Identify organizational stakeholders that will need to use the technology found (i.e. Facilities management team)

4) Propose the first 3 steps in deploying this technology

5) Find another student’s post and using the comment feature, add a bullet describing the technology beyond what the post contains in “Step 2″ after reading their article


2 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. This can be considered a ‘pilot’ project that is intended to be implemented worldwide, as per the authors of this article.


  2. Saltx: Adding Heat Boost as an extra feature when a new gas water heater or boiler will cost you around 750€. It will reduce your yearly gas consumption approximately 50 percent. The payback time of the investment is 1,5 year.


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