Slingshot Can Provide Clean Water to Many


“‘SlingShot’: Segway Inventor Says End of Clean Water Is Near—So He Built a Solution”

1)Sustainability Problem – Clean drinking water is becoming more and more scarce on Earth.

2) – More than 3.5 million people die every year from water-related diseases, and almost 900 million don’t have access to a safe water supply.

– The Slingshot is a “vapor compression distiller” that uses solar energy to boil, distill and vaporize the bad gunk and turn it into clear and clean drinking water. It was created by inventor Dean Kamen and his inventing company, DEKA Research and Development

–  Each Slingshot can purify 1000 liters of water per day, which can essentially support the water needs of 100 people. Plus it only uses a small amount of electricity.

– Slingshot is expensive to produce so Kamen he realized he must partner with companies that can distribute Slingshots globally.

3)Organizational Stakeholders – DEKA Research and Development, Consumers, Private companies used for public-private partnership

4)Deployment Steps

– Continue research to drive costs down.  Third world countries will not be able to afford Slingshots at current cost.

– Find key areas that are in most need of clean water without access to it.  Target these places and determine whether Slingshot would be a viable solution for them.

– Create public-private partnerships in these areas in order to set up Slingshots for the people to use.

Aerogels Could Be the Future of Housing Insulation

  1. Problem
  • Energy, Safety and Health – Energy efficiency is a major concern within homes and buildings. Improper insulation can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency.  Also fire resistant materials are always needed for homes.

2. Technology

  • Aspen Aerogels, known for producing insulating material for oil and gas pipelines and in aerospace, is selling its aerogels insulation material to make existing buildings more energy efficient.  This aerogels material is 90% air which makes it very effective and lightweight insulation.
  • The cost is more than other options of insulation.  However, according to the company, this type of insulation has 2 to 4 times the insulating value per inch compared to fiberglass or foam.
  • This material is very fire resistant as well.
  • Outside of its industrial use aerogels has only been applied in retrofits of existing buildings so far.

3. Stakeholders

  • Building owners
  • Tenants
  • Building inspectors

4. Implementation

  • Continue to utilize opportunities within existing buildings that need better insulation.  These buildings can include ones that legally need to make changes or voluntarily want to insulate better.
  • Research opportunities within new building construction that can benefit from this insulation material.  Due to cost, the buildings may be limited to those with larger budget and/or incentives.
  • Continue to drive prices as low as possible to make aerogels accessible to the whole market.

Luminous Highways May Improve Road Safety

1. Sustainability Problem

  • Vehicles are evolving to become more efficient and safe, but roads are not.  Highways can more energy efficient and safe for drivers.

2. Technology

  • Heijmans is applying technology to make roads glow-in-the-dark.  This technology is a paint that absorbs solar energy during the day and glows at night.
  • The results are increased visibility and safety.
  • This technology requires no electricity and can be effective even during power outages and locations away from the grid.

3. Stakeholders

  • Urban Planners
  • Government
  • Drivers

4. Implementation

  • Continue testing in areas that have low visibility at night and that can benefit from the energy savings.
  • Try testing with more bike paths in case this is viewed by the public as more practical or useful.  It may be easier to implement more bike paths than it is highways in the beginning.
  • Gather data on energy savings for the city and increased safety from the public.

Smart Sets the Bar High with Sustainable Vehicles


– GHG emissions, waste from car parts, energy use, water use, safety and health.

These are sustainability issues that all car manufacturers have to deal with.  Smart aims to solve these.


– Environmental protection is one of smart’s top goals.  The outer layer is 100% recyclable plastic.  Also, each car is constructed in modules for easy dismantling .

– As for safety, each car contains a steel housing that combines longitudinal and crosswise framing that displaces impact forces over a large area of the car.

– The car also features excellent fuel economy that will consume less fuel, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions.

– Smart uses powder coating, which is a dry powder that does not require a solvent.  This uses 40% less energy and conventional painting methods and no water is consumed or wasted.


– Car companies, consumers, engineers, suppliers, designers


– Smart should increase marketing outside of France and Germany to increase global awareness.

– Add in child friendly features, such as a section for a car seat.  Making a new model of this car that is family friendly will make this car feasible for almost any consumer.

– The cost is a huge plus for smart.  They should easily be able to market this car in developing countries, as it is affordable, uses minimal fuel, and is recyclable.

New Boiler Technology Helps Reduce Energy and Emissions

“The new boiler that generates electricity for the National Grid” – The

  • Combined heat and power boilers that produce their own electricity are being integrated into households. This electricity is a by-product of heating the home or hot water.
  • An agreement is signed between the owner and Flow Energy where, over time, the income of electricity produced is split 50/50 between the two parties.
  • Flow Energy says the new boiler will reduce a household’s carbon emissions by roughly 20%, or 1,000kg of CO2, a year.

Organizational stakeholders that will need to use this technology are: 1) the consumer who will purchase these boilers, pay the monthly fee, and generate electricity for Flow Energy by using their boilers.  2) Insurance company Aviva who is a major shareholder with 20% stake.

The first step in deploying this technology is promoting it to the correct market.  Flow Energy needs to sell to high consuming households in order to penetrate the market because these households will benefit the most from using this technology. The next step would be to rely on economies of scale to reduce the price of these boilers and market to households that earn less. The last step is once a significant number of households are using this technology it could then be marketed to businesses in order to reduce emissions even further.


3D Printing – Less Waste and Energy Use/More Recycling Opportunities

Article: 3 Ways 3D Printing Will Save the Environment


  • 3D printing could be a feasible solution to reduce waste in manufacturing.  This is a different type of manufacturing that adds materials to the product until completion, therefore creating less waste.  Less waste means less garbage sent to landfills and less overall pollution.
  • We could also expect a reduction in fossil fuel use as 3D printing becomes more standard and we become less reliant on traditional shipping methods.  Products will be printed within your home instead of delivered by truck.
  • 3D printing could allow for additional recycling opportunities.  For example, a used plastic bottle or other materials could be turned into filament for this printer.

Consumers are the primary stakeholders that must utilize this technology in order to see an impact.  Also, businesses within the manufacturing industry can take advantage of the cost savings from 3D printing.

The first three steps in deploying this product would be:

  1. Partner with manufacturers to implement 3D printing for its products.
  2. Identifying the most efficient ways of recycling using the 3D printer and how this can be done at home.
  3. Providing access to a low cost version of a 3D printer for home use that consumers can use on a daily basis.