Barcelona using technology to improve process and employee experience

Technology used

PortIC telematics technology ensures coordinated management of all of the services provided in the Ports including pilots, tugs, mooring provisioning etc.  Further the port has adopted paperless procedures by engaging the land container sector to use telematics services. Sensor lights and automatic entry combined with the security project to use radar and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) ensures possible incidents are minimized. The last piece of technology of interest is the Ecocalculator which helps port customers quantify their cargo’s environmental footprint.


Port city governments

Cargo services

Port management

Next steps

Identify opportunities to replicate the tools implemented in Barcelona

Identify if there are joint funding opportunities with Port businesses

Establish a pilot program for early wins



Problem: How to effectively utilize the data in the internet of things and sensory data captured in various locations for the benefit of the population.

Summary: INFINITE will prove to be a valuable Industrial Internet testing ground for a countless number of industries including Smart Cities and healthcare. As the need for more dynamic systems continues to grow, organizations will turn to utilizing mobile networks to connect to virtual systems. These tests will prove the viability of doing all this with systems that require the utmost security – such as those used by hospitals and emergency medical services.

INFINITE encompasses all the significant technologies, domains and platforms to support businesses to introduce major advancements in cloud, networks, mobile, wireless, edge gateways, sensors and analytics that are defining IoT globally. This is made available to organizations that wish to create products capitalizing upon IoT and will considerably reduce the cost and time of development.


Governments looking to capitalize on their technology investment

IT leaders who want to reduce costs and support analytics

Community and business leaders who want to deliver effective solutions for their constituents.


Closely track the work of Vodaphone Ireland and EMC to assess progress and determine if there are any lessons learned.

Depending on the success of the program look to create a mini pilot with comparable firms or the same firms which may be looking to leverage their results

Revolutionizing Civic Engagement through Smart Apps


1) How to get engage citizens in real time civic problems

2) Summary

Included in this article are 5 platforms to solicit perspectives from the citizen of a particular area. They include the Ivote app, WePower App, Goodnet  and give2gether.  There is much more to learn about these apps and how they might link to Twitter and Facebook but they provide a great way to get real time connected information about the priorities and concerns of CItizens.


Civic leaders, Citizens, Nonprofits

4) Deployment

Review the specific needs of the survey or determine what type of feedback would best enable an agenda to move forward. Pick the most appropriate app and communicate its availability to the citizens. Open the voting period and compile real time results.

Searching for water using Skytem technology


ScienceNordic – Helicopter technology to solve Indian water shortage – 2013-10-03

1) Sustainability problem: Water Shortage

India has a water shortage problem.  If the pilot program is successful it will help create a nationwide survey for Indian groundwater.

2) Summary

Danish scientists have developed technology which maps ground water as deep as 300 meters below sea level.  Electrical current created in a ring that hangs below the helicopter which creates a field that will generate wavelengths  depending on the soil type below the analytics and mathematical models will create a 3D image.  This enables the detection of groundwater.

3) Stakeholders

City Officials including leaders and their teams working on infrastructure such as a water and sewer solutions.  May also include private companies

4) Deployment

Review results of Company’s other projects

Assess pilot opportunities

Create a deployment strategy with timeline and cost estimates

StructureWare and Resource Advisor improve City Management of Resources and Goals…/schneider-electric-brings-smart-city-tech-to-be

Problem: Cities are looking to optimize their various resources including staff and capital, energy and services.  The cities require a practical level efficiently.

Technology solution: Using Schneider’s StructureWare web based offering which includes an energy operations platform that collects and analyzes building management systems and its Resource Advisor which combines this building energy data, along with sustainability and resource planning tools into an enterprise view.

Stakeholders : City Technology professionals, facilities management and building engineers,sustainability managers


1. Convene the team of City representatives

2. Define the problem and opportunity including an assessment of available data

3.  Determine the cost benefit analysis

4. Develop a workplan



Can “Big Brother” technology make cities safer 1) Singapore continues to improve its safety through a Safe City Pilot using advanced technologies 2)Technologies such as video analytics for facial recognition technology and movement technology are deployed 3) ShotSpotter is a US Company that has developed acoustic surveillance technology that can detect gunfire The organization stakeholders that would need to use the technology are Police officers and other law enforcement agencies First three Steps in deploying the technology 1) Assess the areas of highest crime, ease of deployment and develop cost benefit analysis 2)Train all necessary staff and ask other uses for deployment insight 3)develop a pilot program to test the technology