Strawberry Tree Hangout


1) Sustainability problem: Public administration & Services / Energy

2) Name of the technology: Strawberry Tree hangout

Company: Strawberry Energy


  • Strawberry Tree hangout is a solar urban device and a smart city platform.
  • It provides free mobile phone charging, WiFi Internet, local information, and environmental sensing.
  • It can be built in parks, campuses and city squares.
  • It brings the IoT to outdoor public spaces that people visit daily.
  • Using different environmental sensors, it collects data about its surroundings and send it to the cloud platform using its on WiFi.
  • As backup power source, Strawberry Tree offers energy in emergency cases when the grid is down.

3) Stakeholders:

  • Government institutions
  • Citizens
  • Companies that want to advertise using this technology
  • Universities

4) First 3 steps:

  • Contact the local government an choose a public space
  • Check what is the need of the city and decide which services will be offer and which data it will collect
  • Advertise the product

vn2216: Viviane Gandolfi