Water as a Refrigerant

R718 Turbo Chiller

Problem: Refrigerants can and do evaporate into the environment, causing greenhouse gas emissions.


The R718 Turbo Water Chiller is the world’s most efficient chiller system that utilizes water as a refrigerant. With a cooling capacity of 10RT and a COP of 5.1, the system is both efficient and effective.

Because of the low cooling capacity for water compared to refrigerants, the flow must be much higher (about 200 times higher) than a R134a system to produce the same cooling.


Car companies

Real Estate companies


Refrigerant manufacturers




  • In 2000, the first chillers were proved in practice by car manufacturers Daimler Chrysler and VW
  • Technology will continue to go through trials and vetting
  • Adoption of technology in small scale projects
  • Wide-spread adoption of technology in larger scale real estate or automotive projects