Inovation in smart health

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1) Sustainability problem: Health

2) Name of the technology: Vital Signs Monitoring

Company: MindWave


  • The sensors capture a host of vital statistics, such as pulse rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and blood pressure
  • This data is transmitted to a central dashboard, where a nurse is able to remotely monitor several patients on a single screen. Alerts are raised when certain thresholds are breached
  • This solution enables continuous real-time monitoring which allow patient vital statistics data to be co-related across an unlimited number of variables (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, medication, dosage, diet, medical ailments), strengthening the medical team’s ability to assess, identify and diagnose with greater accuracy
  • Improves operational staff efficiency in managing patient care data, which in turn eliminates critical mistakes which can occur in manual data capture
  • Faster time to action through early notifications that enables caregivers to decide which patients to address on a priority basis
  • MindWave Solutions’ vital signs monitoring solution is currently going through a trial in a local clinic in Singapore with 50 patients.

3) Stakeholders:

  • Health authorities
  • Citizens
  • Hospitals
  • Universities

4) First 3 steps:

  • Partener with public hospitals
  • Conduct a pilot
  • Invest in infrastructure, logistics and application of the technology

vn2216: Viviane Gandolfi