The waterless washing machine

Sustainability Problem

  • Water is a scarce resource in our planet that needs to be consumed efficiently.
  • Electricity from fossil fuels is one of the main greenhouse gas emissions sources that are causing climate change.
  • Toxic wastewater with detergent that is not treated pollutes watersheds.

The solution

  • The Xeros Machine is a washing machine that saves water, energy and detergent on every load.
  • It works with a polymer bead washing system that only uses a small amount of water.
  • Beads absorb stains and reduce the need of large amounts of detergent.
  • The small amounts of water and detergent used produce less effluent.


  • Xeros
  • Investors
  • Household clients
  • Laundry companies


  • The waterless washing machine was designed and manufactured by Xeros, a company that is specialized in innovative products for the laundry industry.